Leave Me Alone Release Notes

Take back control of your inbox by telling subscription spammers to leave you alone!

✔ See all of your subscription emails in one place

✔ Unsubscribe from spam with one click

✔ Know your data is in safe hands

✔ Enjoy a cleaner inbox


15th Jan 2019

🤑 Our Referral Program is Live!

Share your referral URL and earn $

  • Features

    🤑 Refer a friend

    For every 3 people that sign-up using your referral link and make a purchase, we will pay you 5 bucks!


    🕐 Scan reminders

    Keep your inbox clean! Setup a reminder to scan again and we'll even give you a discount code to say thanks.


    🔥 Unsubscribe progress

    You can now keep track of your unsubscribe progress at the bottom of the screen, and tweet if you like!

    screenshot 2019-01-14 at 21 05 10


    • Added back navigation on scan history and ignored senders page to return home
    • Hidden the chat widget from view when not on the landing page (it can now be opened using the "Support" link in the header)
    • Disable the unsubscribe toggle when a sender is on your ignore list ❤️


    • Fixed login page box layout on mobile
    • Improved loading screen times


9th Jan 2019

💌Sender Ignore List & 📦 Scan History

You can now add senders to an ignore list and check your scan history

  • Features

    💌 Sender ignore list

    Not every subscription email is spam so you can now add senders to an ignore list

    sender ignore list

    📦 Scan history page

    Not sure when you ran your last scan? You can now check your scan history to make sure you haven't gone too long without unsubscribing.

    scan history

    Manage your ignored senders from your profile menu:

    screenshot 2019-01-08 at 19 28 57


1st Jan 2019


26th Dec 2018

📢 Feedback & Bug Reporting 🐞

We've added forms for giving us feedback and reporting bugs!

  • Features

    📢 Feedback

    If you have a feature suggestion, ideas on how we can improve, or any comments on Leave Me Alone you can now let us know over at https://leavemealone.xyz/feedback


    🐞Bug reports

    If you've found a bug with Leave Me Alone please report it and provide as much detail as you can to help us fix it on https://leavemealone.xyz/bugs




    • Fixed mobile styles for the wall of love and stats counters on the homepage


19th Dec 2018

🎁 Festive Fun 🎁

You can now give gift of a clean inbox to a friend or loved one this holiday season! 🎄

  • Features

    💝 Gift Scans 💝

    We've added the ability to purchase Leave Me Alone scans as gifts for friends, loved ones, or even your team at work!

    screenshot 2018-12-18 at 20 46 02

    🎄❄️🎅 Christmas Logo 🎅❄️🎄

    Our logo is looking a little more festive for the Christmas period!

    screenshot 2018-12-18 at 22 47 47


    • Added a little encouragement for you to scan and clear more subscriptions - thanks @MarcPerel for the idea
    • Changed the "Re-scan" button to "Scan more" - thanks @DaveDevelops for the suggestion
    • Billing address is now required for purchases for Stripe invoices

    screenshot 2018-12-19 at 10 54 33


    • The new users chart on the open page showing the stats for scans - we thought it looked eerily similar 🙈


15th Dec 2018

🎉Soft Launch 🎉

We've soft launched! Our closed beta was a huge success with over 50 users testing Leave Me Alone and now we're ready for everyone to have a cleaner inbox 💌

  • Features

    🗑 Trash scanning


    We now scan all of your mail including the trash, so you can find and unsubscribe from lists that you've deleted too! The only folder we exclude is the spam folder.


    screenshot 2018-12-13 at 23 09 44

    Our pricing is finalised and available on the landing page https://leavemealone.xyz#pricing.

    The prices are tiered depending on how far back in time you want to scan your inbox for subscription emails. Each tier is a one-off payment per scan.

    We’ll scan your inbox for any subscription emails received in the last 3 days for free. To scan for email subscriptions received in the last week, last month, or last 6 months, you can make a one-time purchase of one of these packages.

    💛 Wall of Love

    screenshot 2018-12-15 at 12 08 53

    Our users are awesome and they are saying such amazing things about us we made a wall of love for them.

    📊 Open Stats

    screenshot 2018-12-15 at 12 22 34

    We're proud to share our stats as part of the Open Startups movement. You can see our revenue, users, number of emails scanned, number of unsubscriptions and more at https://leavemealone.xyz/open.

    🗺 Public Roadmap

    Leave Me Alone is built for you, so you should decide what we work on next. You can vote for your next features including functionality, providers to support, and UI changes on our public roadmap board https://leavemealone.xyz/roadmap.

    The idea with the most votes each month will be included in the next release. Requests and ideas are welcome!

    screenshot 2018-12-11 at 21 01 28

    🙌 Plus much more...

    • The title and favicon change when for a scan in progress and finished
    • Your Google profile picture is shown in the header so you know which account you're cleaning up
    • The type of scan is now shown while scanning "Scanning for 1 week... 45%"
    • Coupons can now be applied before the purchase to see how much you'll save 🤑
    • "Subscribed" text added under the toggles to make it clearer which mail you've opted out of


    • Checking for unsubscribe success for two emails at the same time sometimes causing the server to fall over
    • Changed the logo to adhere to Google API's requirements (we couldn't use the Gmail logo!)
    • Some coupons not being sent to Stripe correctly
    • Coupon uses not being recorded in Stripe 🙈
    • Google API refresh token is now used so you don't need to login again after 1 hour 💪
    • Inbox and Trash mail sometimes being fetched at exactly the same time resulting in concurrent request errors


29th Nov 2018

Leave Me Alone Closed Beta

Leave Me Alone is in the wild and ready for beta testing 🐯. If you'd like to participate in the closed beta please reach out on Twitter 🎉

  • Take back control of your inbox by telling subscription spammers to leave you alone! 🙅‍♀️

    login page


    • 📃 See all your subscription emails in one place
    • ☝️ Unsubscribe from spam with one click
    • 🔐 We don't steal or sell your data
    • 💌 Enjoy a cleaner inbox

    list of spam emails

    Privacy first

    • We do not store content of any of your emails in any form
    • Any sensitive data is always encrypted
    • You can view our entire privacy policy here

    Head over to https://leavemealone.xyz to start unsubscribing from those spam email lists once and for all!